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Selective Audio Adversarial Example in Evasion Attack on Speech Recognition System

Kwon, Hyun; Kim, Yongchul; Yoon, Hyunsooresearcher; Choi, Daeseon, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION FORENSICS AND SECURITY, v.15, pp.526 - 538, 2020-01

Evolution of crystallographic structure and ferroelectricity of Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 films with different deposition rate

Kim, Taeho; An, Minho; Jeon, Sanghunresearcher, AIP ADVANCES, v.10, no.1, 2020-01

Real-Time Observation of Fermi Resonances in the S-1 State of Phenol

Woo, Kyung Chul; Kim, Sang Kyuresearcher, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS, v.11, no.1, pp.161 - 165, 2020-01

Distinct effects of reward and navigation history on hippocampal forward and reverse replays

Bhattarai, Baburam; Lee, Jong Won; Jung, Min Whanresearcher, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.117, no.1, pp.689 - 697, 2020-01

Sonochemical self-growth of functionalized titanium carbide nanorods on Ti3C2 nanosheets for high capacity anode for lithium-ion batteries

Nam, Sanghee; Umrao, Sima; Oh, Saewoong; Shin, Kang Ho; Park, Ho Seok; Oh, Il-Kwonresearcher, COMPOSITES PART B-ENGINEERING, v.181, 2020-01

생체모방형 두더지 로봇 개발 및 방향성 시추 메커니즘

이준석; 명완철; 유병호; Tirtawardhana, Christian; 명현researcher, 제어로봇시스템학회논문지, v.26, no.1, pp.29 - 34, 2020-01

Protocols for RecET‐based markerless gene knockout and integration to express heterologous biosynthetic gene clusters in Pseudomonas putida

Choi, Kyeong Rok; Lee, Sang Yupresearcher, MICROBIAL BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.13, no.1, pp.199 - 209, 2020-01

An Energy-Efficient Deep Convolutional Neural Network Inference Processor With Enhanced Output Stationary Dataflow in 65-nm CMOS

Sim, Jaehyeong; Lee, Somin; Kim, Lee-Supresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VERY LARGE SCALE INTEGRATION (VLSI) SYSTEMS, v.28, no.1, pp.87 - 100, 2020-01

Distinct role of flexible and stable encodings in sequential working memory

Lee, Hyeonsu; Choi, Woochul; Park, Youngjin; Paik, Se-Bumresearcher, NEURAL NETWORKS, v.121, pp.419 - 429, 2020-01

Photophysical Tuning of sigma-SiH Copper-Carbazolide Complexes To Give Deep-Blue Emission

Brannan, Alexander C.; Lee, Yunhoresearcher, INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, v.59, no.1, pp.315 - 324, 2020-01

Non-Ohmic conduction in exfoliated La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 thin films

Park, Jungsik; Shin, Jaehoon; Song, Kyung; Kim, Yong Jin; Jang, Han-byul; Lee, Hyungwoo; Sim, Heung-Sunresearcher; et al, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.116, no.2, pp.022401, 2020-01

Propulsion and Rotation of Microrobot Based on a Force on a Magnetic Material in a Time-Varying Magnetic Field Using a Wireless Power Transfer System

Kim, Dongwook; Park, Jaehyoung; Park, Bumjin; Shin, Yujun; Kim, Kibeom; Park, Hyun Ho; Ahn, Seungyoungresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS, v.56, no.1, 2020-01

Supervisory Control of Blockchain Networks

Seow, Kiam Tianresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SYSTEMS MAN CYBERNETICS-SYSTEMS, v.50, no.1, pp.159 - 171, 2020-01

Radiation phenomenon for large meteoroids

Park, Cresearcher, ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, v.633, 2020-01

The MATS satellite mission - gravity wave studies by Mesospheric Airglow/Aerosol Tomography and Spectroscopy

Gumbel, Jorg; Megner, Linda; Christensen, Ole Martin; Ivchenko, Nickolay; Murtagh, Donal P.; Chang, Seunghyukresearcher; Dillner, Joachim; et al, ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS, v.20, no.1, pp.431 - 455, 2020-01

Smart Nanostructured Materials based on Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers

Kim, Jang Hwan; Jin, Hyeong Min; Yang, Geon Gug; Han, Kyu Hyo; Yun, Taeyeong; Shin, Jin Yong; Jeong, Seong-Jun; et al, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, v.30, no.2, 2020-01

Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate the Discovery of N2 Electroreduction Catalysts

Kim, Myungjoon; Yeo, Byung Chul; Park, Youngtae; Lee, Hyuck Moresearcher; Han, Snag Soo; Kim, Donghun, CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, v.32, no.2, pp.709 - 720, 2020-01

Customer resistance to churn in a mature mobile telecommunications market

Kim, Seungyeon; Chang, Younghoon; Wong, Siew Fan; 박명철researcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS, v.18, no.1, pp.41 - 66, 2020-01

Radioisotope Identification and Nonintrusive Depth Estimation of Localized Low-Level Radioactive Contaminants Using Bayesian Inference

Kim, Jinghwan; Lim, Kyung Taek; Ko, Kilyoung; Ko, Eunbie; Cho, Gyuseongresearcher, SENSORS, v.20, no.1, 2020-01

Development of stability maps for flashing-induced instability in a passive containment cooling system for iPOWER

Lim, Sang Gyu; No, Hee Cheonresearcher; Lee, Sang Won; Kim, Han Gon; Cheon, Jong; Lee, Jae Min; Ohk, Seung Min, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, v.52, no.1, pp.37 - 50, 2020-01



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