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Synthesis of blue emitting BaMgAl10O17:EU 2+ thin film phosphors by sputtering method

Kim, DH; Han, JY; Jeon, Duk Youngresearcher, 16th International Display Workshops, IDW '09, v.1, pp.339 - 341, 2009-12-09


Synthesis of blue-emitting carbon quantum dot for a white LED

KWAK, BYEONG EUN; 유효정; Kim, Do Hyunresearcher, Asian Crystallization Technology Symposium, Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, Singapore, 2018-06-20


Synthesis of Branched Oligosaccharides from Starch by Two Amylases Cloned from Bacillus licheniformis

Kim, In-Cheol; Yoo, Sang-Ho; Lee, Sung-Joon; Oh, Byung-Haresearcher; Kim, Jung-Wan; Park, Kwan-Hwa, BIOSCIENCE BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY, v.58, no.2, pp.416 - 418, 1994-02


Synthesis of carbamoylsulfenyl chloride and its derivatives = 카바모일술페닐 클로라이드와 그 유도체의 합성link

Moon, Surk-Sik; 문석식; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1982


Synthesis of Carbon Dots using SiC

유성호; 조성오researcher, 2013년 가을학술논문발표회 및 임시총회, 한국물리학회, 2013-11-01


Synthesis of carbon from carbon dioxide and its application as a catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction and electrode for energy storage material = 이산화탄소로부터 탄소 재료의 합성 및 산소 환원 반응의 촉매 및 에너지 저장재료로의 적용link

Byeon, A-yeong; 변아영; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2017


Synthesis of carbon nanotube fibers from carbon precursors with low decomposition temperatures using a direct spinning process

Lee, Sung-Hyun; Kim, Hye-Rim; Lee, Taeseon; Lee, Haemin; Lee, Jinwooresearcher; Lee, Jaegeun; Park, Junbeom; et al, CARBON, v.124, pp.219 - 227, 2017-11


Synthesis of carbon nanotube-ceramic nanocomposites by spray pyrolysis and evaluation of mechanical and electrical properties = 분무열분해법을 이용한 카본나노튜브-세라믹 나노복합체의 제조 및 기계적 전기적 특성평가link

Lee, Kyu-Bock; 이규복; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2007


Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes in an Inert Medium Fluidized Bed Reactor

김상돈researcher, 한국화학공학회학술회의, pp.P-FB-8 -, 2006


Synthesis of carbonyl compounds via tin-free radical carbonylation = 유기주석화합물을 사용하지 않는 라디칼 카보닐화 반응을 통한 카보닐 화합물의 합성에 관한 연구link

Kim, sang-mo; 김상모; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2008


Synthesis of CaS:Eu2+ Phosphor by using a Sealing Vessel and its Photoluminescence Properties

Yoo, Hyoung-Sun; Park, Bong-Je; Kang, Jong-Hyuk; Im, Won-Bin; Jeon, Duk-Youngresearcher, TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC MATERIALS, v.8, no.6, pp.255 - 259, 2007-12


Synthesis of cationic organoclay and applications to environmental areas = 양이온성 유기점토의 합성과 환경분야에로의 응용link

Lee, Young-chul; 이영철; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2011


Synthesis of cationic polysaccharide derivatives and their hypocholesterolaemic capacity

Lee, JK; Kim, SY; Kim, SU; Kim, Jung Hoeresearcher, BIOTECHNOLOGY AND APPLIED BIOCHEMISTRY, v.35, pp.181 - 189, 2002-06


Synthesis of Cd-free Blue-emitting Ternary ZnTeS nanocrystals

Jeon, Duk Youngresearcher; KIm, So Mang; Lee, Tae Yang; Lee, Yong Hee, 제24회 형광체포럼, 한국 정보대시플레이학회 형광체연구회, 2015-05-08


Synthesis of Cd-free blue-emitting ZnTeS/ZnS Quantum dots and study on emission properties affected by defects = 비카드뮴계 청색발광 ZnTeS/ZnS 양자점 합성 및 결함이 발광 특성에 미치는 영향에 대한 연구link

Kim, So Mang; Jeon, Duk Young; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2015


Synthesis of cd-free quantum dots and their application for optoelectronic devices = 비카드뮴계 양자점의 합성과 이를 적용한 광전자소자 제작link

Kwon, Byoung-Hwa; 권병화; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2012


Synthesis of CdSe quantum dots and its application in organic solar cells

Kim, Kang Min; Jeon, Ji Hye; Park, O Okresearcher, The 25th International Symposium on Chemical Engineering (25th ISChE), The Society of Chemican Engineers (Japan), Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2012-12-15


Synthesis of CdZnS@ZnS quantum rods with inhibited PL peak shift and their properties

Choi, Won Seok; Lee, Yong Hee; Cho, Hyun Jin; Jeon, Duk Youngresearcher, QD 2016, 한국물리학회, 기초과학연구원, 한국공업화학회, 2016-05-25


Synthesis of cell penetrating peptide conjugated nanoparticle for hearing loss

김종득researcher; 임유나; 윤지영, 추계 학술대회, 한국공업화학회, 2015-11-05


Synthesis of cephalosporin C and sulfur metabolism by methionine analogue resistant mutants of cephalosporium acremonium = Methoinine 유사체 내성 cephalosporium acremonium 변이주의 cephalosporin C 생산과 황 화합물 대사link

Lee, Kyoung; 이경; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1987



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