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sUAV Collision Avoidance Strategies Based On Satisficing Game Theory

Kim, Nam Woo; Yoon, Yoonjinresearcher, The Thirty-First KKHTCNN Symposium on Civil Engineering, Kyoto University, 2018-11-23

sUAV Collision Avoidance Strategies Based On Satisficing Game Theory

Kim, Nam Woo; Yoon, Yoonjinresearcher, The 23rd ATRS World Conference, Air Transport Research Society, 2019-07-04

Sub 4-nm Polyoxide Using ECR(Electron Cyclotron Resonance) N2O Plasma Oxidation

Hyung-Cheol Shinresearcher, 2000 Asia-Pacific Workshop on Fundamental and Application of Advanced Semiconductor Devices, pp.25 - 30, 2000

Sub- $\mu W$ Threshold Nano-Island Lasers = 초저전력 나노섬 레이저link

Jang, Hoon; 장동훈; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2016

Sub- and supercritical glycolysis of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) into the monomer bis(2-hydroxyethyl) terephthalate (BHET)

Imran, Muhammad; Kim, Bo-Kyung; Han, Myungwan; Cho, Bong Gyoo; Kim, DoHyunresearcher, POLYMER DEGRADATION AND STABILITY, v.95, no.9, pp.1686 - 1693, 2010-09

Sub-1-V supply self-adaptive CMOS image sensor cell with 86-dB dynamic range

Lee, S; Yang, Kyounghoonresearcher, IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS, v.28, no.6, pp.492 - 494, 2007-06

Sub-10 femtosecond stabilization of a fiber-link using a balanced optical cross-correlator

Loehl, F.; Schlarb, H.; Mueller, J.; Kim, Jungwonresearcher; Chen, J.; Wong, F.; Kaertner, F.X., Proceedings of the IEEE Particle Accelerator Conference, art. v.0, no.0, pp.3804 - 3806, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2007

Sub-10 nm Nanoimprint Lithography by Wafer Bowing

Wu, Wei; Tong, William M.; Bartman, Jonathan; Chen, Yufeng; Walmsley, Robert; Yu, Zhaoning; Xia, Qiangfei; et al, NANO LETTERS, v.8, no.11, pp.3865 - 3869, 2008-10

Sub-10 nm structures on silicon by thermal dewetting of platinum

Strobel, Sebastian; Kirkendall, Christopher; Chang, Jae-Byumresearcher; Berggren, Karl K., NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.21, no.50, 2010-12

Sub-10 nm TiO2 Nanosheet Arrays by Incorporating the Spacer-Defined Double-Patterning Process with Block Copolymer Template

박창홍; 조경천; 정경옥; 김진백researcher, 2014 추계 한국고분자학회, 대한 고분자 학회, 2014-10-07

Sub-100 fs single-walled carbon nanotube saturable absorber mode-locked Yb-laser operation near 1 mu m

Schmidt, Andreas; Rivier, Simon; Cho, Won Bae; Yim, Jong Hyuk; Choi, Sun Young; Lee, Soonil; Rotermund, Fabianresearcher; et al, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.17, no.22, pp.20109 - 20116, 2009-10

Sub-100 fs Tm:MgWO4 laser at 2017 nm mode locked by a graphene saturable absorber

Wang, Yicheng; Chen, Weidong; Mero, Mark; Zhang, Lizhen; Lin, Haifeng; Lin, Zhoubin; Zhang, Ge; et al, OPTICS LETTERS, v.42, no.16, pp.3076 - 3079, 2017-08

Sub-100 nm scale polymer transfer printing process for organic photovoltaic devices

Choi, Dae-Geun; Lee, Ki-Joong; Jeong, Jun-Ho; Wang, Dong Hwan; Park, OOkresearcher; Park, Jong Hyeok, SOLAR ENERGY MATERIALS AND SOLAR CELLS, v.109, pp.1 - 7, 2013-02

Sub-100-as timing jitter optical pulse trains from mode-locked Er-fiber lasers

Kim, Tae-Keun; Song, Youjian; Jung, Kwang-Yun; Kim, Chur; Nam, Chang-Heeresearcher; Kim, Jungwonresearcher, OPTICS LETTERS, v.36, no.22, pp.4443 - 4445, 2011-11

Sub-100-attosecond timing jitter ultrafast fiber lasers for FEL optical master oscillators

Kim, Jungwonresearcher; Jung, Kwang Yun; Kim, Chur; Kim, Hyoji; Kim, Tae Keun; Park, Suhyeon; Song, Youjian; et al, International Free Electron Laser Conference (FEL), Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics (SINAP), 2011-08-26

Sub-100-fs Cr:YAG laser mode-locked by monolayer graphene saturable absorber

Cafiso, Samuele Davide Di Dio; Ugolotti, Elena; Schmidt, Andreas; Petrov, Valentin; Griebner, Uwe; Agnesi, Antonio; Cho, Won Bae; et al, OPTICS LETTERS, v.38, no.10, pp.1745 - 1747, 2013-05

Sub-100-ps structural dynamics of horse heart myoglobin probed by time-resolved X-ray solution scattering

Oang, Key Young; Kim, Kyung Hwan; Jo, Junbeom; Kim, Young Min; Kim, Jong Goo; Kim, Tae Wu; Jun, Sunhong; et al, CHEMICAL PHYSICS, v.442, pp.137 - 142, 2014-10

Sub-20-Attosecond Timing Jitter Mode-Locked Fiber Lasers

Kim, Hyoji; Qin, Peng; Song, Youjian; Yang, Heewon; Shin, Junho; Kim, Chur; Jung, Kwang Yun; et al, IEEE JOURNAL OF SELECTED TOPICS IN QUANTUM ELECTRONICS, v.20, no.5, 2014-09

Sub-20nm CMOS FinFET Technologies

Choi, Yang-Kyuresearcher; Lindert, Nick; Xuan, Peiqi; Tang, Stephen; Ha,Daewon; Anderson, Erik; King, Tsu-Jae; et al, IEEE, pp.421 - 424, IEEE, 2001-12

Sub-30 nm Gate Template Fabrication for Nanoimprint Lithography Using Spacer Patterning Technology

Park, Kun-Sik; Baik, Kyu-Ha; Kim, Dong-Pyo; Woo, Jong-Chang; No, Kwang-Sooresearcher; Lee, Ki-Jun; Do, Lee-Mi, JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.11, no.2, pp.1625 - 1628, 2011-02



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