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Graphite/Epoxy Angle-Ply 복합 적층판의 층간균열성장에 관한 해석 = Anlysis of delamination crack growth in graphite/epoxy angle-ply laminated compositelink

김광수; Kim, Kwang-Soo; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1985


Graphite/epoxy 로 적층된 복합재료의 모우드 I 층간 파괴 특성에 관한 연구 = A study on the mode I interlaminar fracture characterization of the graphite/epoxy laminated compositeslink

김효진; Kim, Hyo-Jin; 홍창선researcher; 송지호; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1986


Graphite/Epoxy 및 Graphite/Peek 복합적층판의 저속충격후 잔류압축강도에 대한 실험적 해석

최익현; 최윤록; 홍창선researcher, 한국복합재료학회지, v.6, no.2, pp.69 - 79, 1993


Graphite/PEEK 복합재료의 균열 진전 특성에 관한 고찰 = Crack propagation characteristics of graphite/PEEK compositelink

정나현; Jung, Na-Hyeon; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1992


Graphite/PEEK 복합적층판의 저속충격손상 = Low-velocity impact damage of graphite/PEEK composite laminateslink

이성직; Lee, Seong-Jic; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1992


Graphitic Carbon Synthesis & Molecular Assembly

Kim, Sang Oukresearcher, International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies 2013, Materials Research Society of Singapore, 2013-07


Graphitic domain layered TiO2 nanotube for separation and transportation of photoexcited electrons

Lee, Dong Ki; Kang, Jeung Kuresearcher, 245th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, v.245, no.ENFL-759, American Chemical Society, 2013-04-11


Graphitic domain layered TiO2 nanotubes for separation and transportation of photoexcited electrons

Lee, Dongki; Kang, Jeung Kuresearcher, ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.245, 2013-04


Graphitic domain layered titania nanotube arrays for separation and shuttling of solar-driven electrons

Lee, Dong-Ki; Han, Kyu-Sung; Shin, Weon-Ho; Lee, Jung-Woo; Choi, Jung-Hoon; Choi, Kyung-Min; Lee, Yeob; et al, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, v.1, no.2, pp.203 - 207, 2013-01


Graphoepitaxy of Block-Copolymer Self-Assembly Integrated with Single-Step ZnO Nanoimprinting

Kim, Sa-Rah; Shin, Dong-Ok; Choi, Dae-Geun; Jeong, Jong-Ryul; Mun, Jeong-Ho; Yang, Yong-Biao; Kim, Jaeup U.; et al, SMALL, v.8, no.10, pp.1563 - 1569, 2012-05


Graphoepitaxy of self-assembled block copolymers on two-dimensional periodic patterned templates

Bita, Ion; Yang, Joel K. W.; Jung, Yeon Sikresearcher; Ross, Caroline A.; Thomas, Edwin L.; Berggren, Karl K., SCIENCE, v.321, no.5891, pp.939 - 943, 2008-08


Graphs of small rank-width are pivot-minors of graphs of small tree-width

Kwon, O-Joung; Oum, Sang-ilresearcher, DISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS, v.168, pp.108 - 118, 2014-05


Grapsing Force Control for A Robot Gripper Using A Pneumatic On-off Servomechanism

Suh, Hyo-Wonresearcher; Cho, HS; Lee, CW, pp.233 - 242, 1983-11


GRAQULA: A graphical query language for entity-relationship or relational databases

Sockut, G.H.; Burns, L.M.; Malhotra, A.; Whang, K.-Y.researcher, Data and Knowledge Engineering, v.11, no.2, pp.171 - 202, 1993-10


Grasping force control of robot gripper using on-off pneumatic servomechanism

Cho, Hyungsuckresearcher, ASME Winter Annual Meeting, pp.233 - 242, 1983


Grasshopper 링크 기구를 이용한 가솔린 기관의 피스톤-링 결합체의 측정에 관한 실험적 연구 = An experimental study on friction measurement of piston-ring assembly of a SI engine utilizing grasshopper linkage systemlink

서승우; Seo, Sung-Woo; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1989


Grating Coupler in Thin Film Waveguide

이성재; 송재원; 신상영researcher, 대한전자공학회 1981년 하계종합학술대회 , pp.141 - 143, 대한전자공학회, 1981


Grating formation time of photorefractive liquid crystal cell with mixed layer of PVK and p-PMEH-PPV

Kim, HW; Min, W; Jung, S; Yoon, Choon Supresearcher; Kim, Jong-Dukresearcher, JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS PART 2-LETTERS, v.42, no.1A-B, pp.L44 - L47, 2003-01


Grating formation time of Photorefractive liquid crystal cell with PVK layer doped with p-PMEH-PPV

Kim, Jong-Dukresearcher, 7th ICONO / ICOPE (International Conference on Organic Nonlinear Optics / International Conference o, pp.0 - 0, 2003-11-01


Grating metal structure with low-K benzocyclobutene and electroplated copper for high-Q spiral inductors

Yeo, SK; Shin, SH; Kwon, Young Seresearcher, JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, v.45, no.4B, pp.2997 - 3001, 2006-04



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