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Gelastatins, new inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases from Westerdykella multispora F50733

Lee H.-J.; Chung M.-C.; Lee C.-H.; Chun H.-K.; Rhee, Joon Shick; Kho Y.-H., INHIBITION OF MATRIX METALLOPROTEINASES: THERAPEUTIC APPLICATIONS, v.878, pp.635 - 637, 1999

Gelled ethanolamine as a propellant and its rheology

Jyoti, BVS; Baek, Seung Wookresearcher, International Conference: AFM 2016, International Conference: AFM 2016, 2016-08

GEM-Type Detectors Using LIGA and Etchable Glass Technologies

Cho, Gyuseongresearcher; Ahn, SK; Kim, JG; Perez-Mendez, V; Chang, S; Jackson, KH; Wenzel, WA, IEEE NSS & MIC, 2001

GEM-type detectors using LIGA and etchable glass technologies

Ahn, SK; Kim, JG; Perez-Mendez, V; Chang, S; Jackson, KH; Kadyk, JA; Cho, Gyuseongresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE, v.49, no.3, pp.870 - 874, 2002-06

Geminal substituent effects on decyanation reactions

Lee, JC; Koh, HY; Lee, Yoon Supresearcher; Kang, HY, BULLETIN OF THE KOREAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.18, no.7, pp.783 - 785, 1997-07

Gender and age classification based on Long Short-Term Memory during resting state fMRI

Park, Jisuk; Park, Sun Mi; Nam, Seungkyu; Kim, Dae-Shikresearcher, Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting 2017, Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting 2017, 2017-11-12

Gender and online friendship on facebook: the effect of gender difference in closeness of facebook links = 페이스북 상에서의 젠더와 온라인 친구관계: 페이스북 링크의 친밀도에 대한 젠더의 영향link

Kim, Mi-Jung; 김미정; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2012

Gender and racial disparities in driving cessation among older adults

Mezuk, B.; Choi, Moonresearcher; Lohman, M.; Edwards, J.D.; Rebok, G.W., The 64th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America, Gerontological Society of America, 2011-11

Gender and Racial Disparities in Driving Cessation Among Older Adults

Choi, Moonresearcher; Mezuk, Briana; Lohman, Matthew C.; Edwards, Jerri D.; Rebok, George W., JOURNAL OF AGING AND HEALTH, v.24, no.8, pp.1364 - 1379, 2012-12

Gender and Racial Disparities in Life-Space Constriction Among Older Adults

Choi, Moonresearcher; O'Connor, Melissa L.; Mingo, Chivon A.; Mezuk, Briana, GERONTOLOGIST, v.56, no.6, pp.1153 - 1160, 2016-12

Gender and racial disparities in life-space mobility

Choi, Moonresearcher; O’Connor, M., The 20th International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics World Congress, International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG), 2013-06

Gender and racial disparities in life-space mobility (Paper presented)

Choi, Moonresearcher, The 42nd Annual Conference of the British Society of Gerontology, British Society of Gerontology, 2013-09

Gender differences in consumers perception of online consumer reviews

Bae, Soon-Yong; Lee, Tae-Sikresearcher, ELECTRONIC COMMERCE RESEARCH, v.11, no.2, pp.201 - 214, 2011-05

Gender differences in erotic stimulus-related brain network

Lee, Sang Won; Jeong, BumSeokresearcher, The 19th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, pp.129, Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM), 2013-06-19

Gender differences in ground reaction force following perturbations in subjects with low back pain

Sung, Paul S; Park, Hyung-Soonresearcher, GAIT & POSTURE, v.29, no.2, pp.290 - 295, 2009-02

Gender Differences in Online Shopping Behavior

Park, Jooyoung; Lee, Byungtae, KMIS, pp.382 - 387, 한국경영정보학회 2007년도 International Conference, 2007

Gender differences in passive knee biomechanical properties in tibial rotation

Park, Hyung-Soonresearcher; Wilson, Nicole A.; Zhang, Li-Qun, JOURNAL OF ORTHOPAEDIC RESEARCH, v.26, no.7, pp.937 - 944, 2008-07

Gender differences revealed in the right posterior temporal areas during Navon letter identification tasks

Lee, Jae-Won; Chung, Dong-Il; Chang, Su-Min; Kim, Sun-Gyo; Kim, Sang-Woo; Park, Hyun-Sang; Ryu, Shin-Ho; et al, BRAIN IMAGING AND BEHAVIOR, v.6, no.3, pp.387 - 396, 2012-09

Gender Equity and women Scientists' Role

Yoon, Jeong-Roresearcher, The 9th WIN (Women in Nuclear) Global Annual Meeting, pp.0 - 0, 2001-05-15

Gender stereotyping in Indian recruitment advertisements: A content analysis

Anand, Rahulresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS GOVERNANCE AND ETHICS, v.8, no.4, pp.306 - 322, 2013



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