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Poly(arylene ether)s with Low Refractive Indices: Poly(biphenylene oxide)s with Trifluoromethyl Pendant Groups via a Meta-Activated Nitro Displacement Reaction

Kim, Sun Dal; Ka, Duyoun; Chung, Im Sik; Kim, Sang Youlresearcher, MACROMOLECULES, v.45, no.7, pp.3023 - 3031, 2012-04

Poly(arylene ether)s with trifluoromethyl groups via meta-activated nitro displacement reaction

Chung, Im Sik; Kim, Kyoung Hoon; Lee, Yoon Sub; Kim, Sang Youlresearcher, POLYMER, v.51, no.20, pp.4477 - 4483, 2010-09

Synthesis of poly(arylene thioether)s from protected dithiols and aromatic difluorides with an organic base

In, I; Kim, Sang Youlresearcher, JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE PART A-POLYMER CHEMISTRY, v.43, no.10, pp.2021 - 2027, 2005-05



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