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Optimization and biological evaluation of aminopyrimidine-based I kappa B kinase beta inhibitors with potent anti-inflammatory effects

Shin, Yongje; Lim, Sang Min; Yan, Hong Hua; Jung, Sungwoo; Fang, Zhenghuan; Jung, Kyung Hee; Hong, Soon-Sun; et al, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, v.123, pp.544 - 556, 2016-11

Photocatalytic reduction of NO by CO over TiO2/silica gel in an annulus fluidized bed photoreactor

Lim, TH; Kim, Sang Doneresearcher, JOURNAL OF THE CHINESE INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS, v.36, no.1, pp.85 - 89, 2005-01

Selective catalytic reduction of NO with CO on Pt/W-Ce-Zr catalysts

Zhu, Hai-ou; Kim, Jeong-Rang; Ihm, Son Kiresearcher, REACTION KINETICS AND CATALYSIS LETTERS, v.97, no.2, pp.207 - 215, 2009



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