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A shrinkage method for causal network detection of brain regions

Ahmad, Fayyaz; Lee, Nam-Gil; Kim, Eun-Woo; Kim, Sung-Horesearcher; Park, Hyun-Wookresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF IMAGING SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGY, v.23, no.2, pp.140 - 146, 2013-06

Altered Function of Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex in Adolescents with Peer Verbal Abuse History

Lee, Sang Won; Choi, Jeewook; Lee, Jong-Sun; Yoo, Jaehyun; Kim, Ko Woon; Kim, Dongchan; Park, HyunWook; et al, PSYCHIATRY INVESTIGATION, v.14, no.4, pp.441 - 451, 2017-07

An efficient method for effective connectivity of brain regions

Ahmad, Fayyaz; Maqbool, M.; Kim, Eunwoo; Park, HyunWookresearcher; Kim, Dae-Shikresearcher, CONCEPTS IN MAGNETIC RESONANCE PART A, v.40A, no.1, pp.14 - 24, 2012-01

Disentangling visual imagery and perception of real-world objects

Lee, Sue-Hyunresearcher; Kravitz, Dwight J.; Baker, Chris I., NEUROIMAGE, v.59, no.4, pp.4064 - 4073, 2012-02

Genetic factors associated with empathy in humans and mice

Keum, Sehoon; Shin, Hee Sup, NEUROPHARMACOLOGY, v.159, 2019-11

Racial distinction of the unknown facial identity recognition mechanism by event-related fMRI

Kim J.S.; Yoon H.W.; Kim B.S.; Jeun S.S.; Jung S.L.; Choe B.Y., NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS, v.397, no.3, pp.279 - 284, 2006



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