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Direct endothelial junction restoration results in significant tumor vascular normalization and metastasis inhibition in mice

Agrawal, Vijayendra; Maharjan, Sony; Kim, Kyeojin; Kim, Nam-Jung; Son, Jimin; Lee, Keunho; Choi, Hyun-Jung; et al, ONCOTARGET, v.5, no.9, pp.2761 - 2777, 2014-05

Hexagonally packed microwell plates for hypoxic microenvironment induction in tumorspheres

Won, Dongbin; Koh, Ilkyoo; Cha, Junghwa; Kim, Pilnamresearcher, JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL AND ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY, v.72, pp.67 - 72, 2019-04

PEGylated bilirubin nanoparticle as an anti-oxidative and anti- inflammatory demulcent in pancreatic islet xenotransplantation

Kim, Min Jun; Lee, Yonghyun; Jon, Sangyongresearcher; Lee, Dong Yun, BIOMATERIALS, v.133, pp.242 - 252, 2017-07



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