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Inhibition of the DevSR Two-Component System by Overexpression of Mycobacterium tuberculosis PknB in Mycobacterium smegmatis

Bae, Hyun-Jung; Lee, Ha-Na; Baek, Mi-Na; Park, Eun-Jin; Eom, Chi-Yong; Ko, In-Jeong; Kang, Ho-Young; et al, MOLECULES AND CELLS, v.40, no.9, pp.632 - 642, 2017-09

Involvement of the catalytically important Asp54 residue of Mycobacterium smegmatis DevR in proteinprotein interactions between DevR and DevS

Lee, Ha-Na; Lee, Na-On; Ko, In-Jeong; Kim, Si Wouk; Kang, Beom Sik; Oh, Jeong-Il, FEMS MICROBIOLOGY LETTERS, v.343, no.1, pp.26 - 33, 2013-06



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