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Interpage-Based Endurance-Enhancing Lower State Encoding for MLC and TLC Flash Memory Storages

Lee, Wonyoung; Kang, Mincheol; Hong, Seokin; Kim, Soontaeresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VERY LARGE SCALE INTEGRATION (VLSI) SYSTEMS, v.27, no.9, pp.2033 - 2045, 2019-09


Bayesian Weight Decay on Bounded Approximation for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Park, Jung Guk; Jo, Sung-Horesearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NEURAL NETWORKS AND LEARNING SYSTEMS, v.30, no.9, pp.2866 - 2875, 2019-09


A 9.1-ENOB 6-mW 10-Bit 500-MS/s Pipelined-SAR ADC With Current-Mode Residue Processing in 28-nm CMOS

Moon, Kyoung-Jun; Jo, Dong-Shin; Kim, Wan; Choi, Michael; Ko, Hyung-Jong; Ryu, Seung-Takresearcher, IEEE JOURNAL OF SOLID-STATE CIRCUITS, v.54, no.9, pp.2532 - 2542, 2019-09


Applicability of the interface spring model for micromechanical analyses with interfacial imperfections to predict the modified exterior Eshelby tensor and effective modulus

Lee, Sangryun; Kim, Youngsoo; Lee, Jinyeop; Ryu, Seunghwaresearcher, MATHEMATICS AND MECHANICS OF SOLIDS, v.24, no.9, pp.2944 - 2960, 2019-09


Impact of Bottom-Gate Biasing on Implant-Free Junctionless Ge-on- Insulator n-MOSFETs

Lim, Hyeong-Rak; Kim, Seongkwang; Han, Jae-Hoon; Kim, Hansung; Geum, Dae-Myeong; Lee, Yun-Joong; Ju, Byeong-Kwon; et al, IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS, v.40, no.9, pp.1362 - 1365, 2019-09


Two-dimensional FeS2-encapsulated Au: a quasi-epitaxial heterojunction for synergistic catalytic activity under photoelectrocatalytic water reduction

Mondal, Indranil; Moon, Song Yi; Lee, Hyunhwa; Kim, Heeyoung; Park, Jeong Youngresearcher, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, v.7, no.33, pp.19258 - 19268, 2019-09


A 320-fs RMS Jitter and-75-dBc Reference-Spur Ring-DCO-Based Digital PLL Using an Optimal-Threshold TDC

Seong, Taeho; Lee, Yongsun; Yoo, Seyeon; Choi, Jaehyouk, IEEE JOURNAL OF SOLID-STATE CIRCUITS, v.54, no.9, pp.2501 - 2512, 2019-09


Convolutional Neural Network for Monocular Vision-based Multi-target Tracking

Kim, Sang Hyeon; Choi, Han-Limresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CONTROL AUTOMATION AND SYSTEMS, v.17, no.9, pp.2284 - 2296, 2019-09


Information-theoretic meaning of quantum information flow and its applications to amplitude amplification algorithms

Roy, Sudipto Singha; Bae, Joonwooresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW A, v.100, no.3, 2019-09


A Combinatorial Benders Decomposition Algorithm for the Directed Multiflow Network Diversion Problem

Lee, Chungmok; Cho, Donghyun; Park, Sungsooresearcher, MILITARY OPERATIONS RESEARCH, v.24, no.1, pp.23 - 39, 2019-09


Definable relations in finite dimensional subspace lattices with involution. Part II: Quantifier-free and homogeneous descriptions

Herrmann, Christian; Ziegler, Martinresearcher, ALGEBRA UNIVERSALIS, v.80, no.28, pp.28, 2019-09


NADPH oxidase 2 and macrophage in nonalcoholic fatty liver

Jeong, Won-Ilresearcher, 2019 International Congress on Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome & Asia-Oceania Conference on Obesity, Korean Society for the Study of Obesity, 2019-08-31


Photonic Shells created by Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals

Park, Sihun; Lee, Sang Seok; Kim, Shin-Hyunresearcher, International Soft Matter Symposium 2019 and 8th China Soft Matter Day, China Soft Matter Day, 2019-08-31


Interfacial Assembly of Amphiphilic Photonic Tiles

Kim, Jong Bin; Lee, Gun Ho; Kim, Shin-Hyunresearcher, International Soft Matter Symposium 2019 and 8th China Soft Matter Day, China Soft Matter Day, 2019-08-31


Functional Microgels formed by Complexation between Graphene-Oxide Nanosheets and Hydrophilic Polymers in Double-Emulsion Drops

Choi, Ye Hun; Lee, Sang Seok; Lee, Dong-Myeong; Jeong, Hyeon Su; Kim, Shin-Hyunresearcher, International Soft Matter Symposium 2019 and 8th China Soft Matter Day, China Soft Matter Day, 2019-08-31


Hollow nanocube CuO decorated on ZnO nanoparticles for ultrasensitive acetone gas sensors

이재은; 임창규; 송현준researcher; 최성율researcher; 이대식, 2019 한국센서학회 추계학술대회, 2019 한국센서학회, 2019-08-30


Quality assessment techniques applied to surface radial velocity maps obtained from high frequency radars

Kim, Sung Yongresearcher, International Radiowave Oceanography Workshop (ROW) 2019, University of Victoria, 2019-08-28


Graphene and 2D Materials for Flexible Display Application

Park, Ick Joon; Park, Hamin; Jung, Dae Yool; Woo,Youngjun; Yang, SangYoon; Choi, Sung-Yoolresearcher, IMID 2019, IMID 2019, 2019-08-27


High-quality and high-throughput prediction of enzyme commission numbers using deep learning

김현욱researcher, BIOINFO 2019, 한국생명정보학회, 2019-08-26


Size-dependent Transport in Porous Polymer Membranes via Polymerization-induced Microphase Separation: Pushing the Limit of Domain Size Control

Seo, Myungeunresearcher, American Chemical Society 2019 Fall National Meeting & Exposition, American Chemical Society, 2019-08-25



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